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Monday, December 23, 2013

A New Muslim Dating Site Replacing Aunties

For those tired of all the 'possibilities' that aunties keep bringing up, a new site is faining foothold among the single Muslims trying to find the right person from Pakistan, Washington to London and Cairo. "we fill in that space that may be our community and Mosques do not", (+)Humaira Mubeen, a 24-year-old Pakistani-American told Chritian ience Monitor. "We were giving them a space to come, may be not for marriages but at least to test the water" she added. Mubeen was speaking about, a new site catering to young Muslims. After two months of lauch site has 650 users from saround the world capitals such as Washington and London, as well as in the Middle East, in places like Egypt and Palestinian Territories. In recent years as matchmakers, respected individuals and Muslim organisations from communities, especially in the UK and the USA have sought to resolve the problem of finding suitable partner in a 'Halal' way by organizing social events.

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