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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NADRA Has Rejected Veena Malik's Application For Issueing NIC

NADRA has rejected the application of actress Veena Maliki for issueing national identity card on the basis of providing wrong information. According to the information provided by Veena Malik her date of birth is 1980 and she becomes 33 uears of age and her real name is Zahida Malik. NADRA said that this information is totalling wrong as according to this information Veena Malik id only eight weeks older than her sister which is impossible. Does not NADRA know that the market value of actresses depend upon their younger age they never tell actual age and for years and years they celebrate their 16 or 18th birthday. She is unmarried yet and her disclosure of her actual age will bring her market value down too for show biz and for marriage. She would not be less than 45 years of age. Only deeper make up makes her look younger otherwise she is of the age to go out of market and open her personal market.

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