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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bangladesh Verdict Angers World Muslim

The International War Crime Tribunal (ICT) came up with another verdict of death penalty to a fourth leader of Jamaat -i-Islami party for what it callls crimes committed in 1971 when Bangladesh was born. The opposition accused government of manipulating 1971 war for political mileage. The government's effort to get the verdict fast--- general election is due at the end of this year--hasbeen evidenced in he Skype conversation between the choef judge of the tribunal, who later resigned and the lawyer of Bangladeshi origin in Europe. These conversations were first reported in the Economist of London last year in December. A Bangldeshi paper layter published the full text of the conversation. The earlier verdict on Delawar Hussain Syedi sparked serious violence throughout the country and the government had to deploy the army to control the situation. About 100 people were killed by the law-enforcement forces, according to 'Odhikar' and 67 people wre killed when court delived its third verdict on Fenruay 28th. The situation has deteriorated further when two opposition groups, Shahbagh Movement and Hefazt i Islam participated. While the former consists of arch secularists and the later represents the people of religious orientation. Both seem to be adamant in their opposition demands upon the state. All these demands raise many questions. What sort of crimesthe tribunal is addressing? War crimes? What kind of war? Civil War? War of Independence? Liberation war? Who fought whom? Who are these people who are being tried by ICT. When were these crimes committed? Who comitted them? Why has this tribunal been constituted 42 years after 1971 war? Are there political motives behind them? The answer to all these questions is the motive enemity of India who is fulfilling it through Bangladesh to defame Pakistan and its army. And of course the political gains to weaken opposition, but thiese tribunal verdict will go against Haseena Wajid in elections and can not benfit her.

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