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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brutal Acts, Who Are The Beaters---Muslims, Who Is Being Beaten--- Muslima And Female, Neither Taliban Nor Country Is of Kafirs

Why Muslims are blaming Myanmar's Budhists who are carrying out massacre of Muslims. Why we blame India and Israel who brutally kill Kashmiris and Paletinian Muslims, respectively. The following pictures are not of Indian occupied Kashmir nor of Israeli occupied Palestinian territory. Nor the beaters are Hindus nor Jews. Neityer the besters are Taliban, Whom tey are beating brutally is Muslima and female. If she is not Muslima she is human being? Why is it done so.? See the photos and think yuourself which way the humanity is going. This is the killer gang of Haseena Wajid, who is recalling draculean age she is sucking the blood of the people. She will meet the same fate.

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