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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thai PM Dissolved Parliament And Announced To Hold Fresh Elections

Thai prime minister Young Look Shina Watra has dissolved the parliament and announced to hold fresh elections next year, after weeks long protests in Bangkok and resignations of opposition parliament members. In an emegenct cabinet meeting Shina Watra has given election schedule to election commission after the approval of cabinet. In he adress to the nation she said now when several groups are against government, it is better to return power to people back and they themselves decide about the next government. On other side Thosab Gasoban, the leader of protesters said our movement will continue till the establishment of peopl's council. He said our objective was to uproot the power of Snina Watra. It is noteworthy that former PM Thakseen Shina Watra's government was culminated on army rebellion and on corruption allegations. After which he was living in self-exiole. A bill presented in parliament motivated the protests that meant for ending the self-exile and corruption allegation against the former PM Thaksaen Shina Watra, the brother of Pm Shinas Watra.

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