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Monday, December 9, 2013

Indian Congress Party Has Been Defeated In Four State Elections

The BJP rose to the top position with 32 seats in the new Delhi state during state election held to the legislative assemblies. A new party name Aam Aadmi Part (Common Man Party) astonished the observers and the people with winning 29 seats while Congress was limited to 8 seats. Shella Dixit of Congress Party who has been chief minister of New delhi for the lat 15 years has lost her seat and resigned from her office. In Rajathan BJP got 162 seats while Congress won only 21 seats and 16 seats wentb to other minor parties. In madhya Pradesh BJP won 165 and Congress 58 while other parties got 7 seats. In Chhatis Harh BJP also tops the position with 49 seats. Congress has asccepted its defeat in three stsates. The leader Arond Kacher wal defeated chief minister of New Delhi state. It reflects the view of the next general elections during 2014. However, It will not be in favor of Pakistan as BJP is too pre-judice toward Pakistan and Muslims. BJP may initiate war between the two countries that will damage both the countries. This party dos not like the existence of Pakistan as well as Muslims in India. Though Congress was even not sincere to Pakistan but its policies were not too hard for Pakistan some time it shwed elasticity but BJP has no sympsathy toward Pakistan and Muslims.

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