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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Secret Of Bilawal Zardari's One-Hour Urdu Speech Was Revealed

The one-hour urdu fluent speech of Bilawal Zardari at the occassion of Late BaiNazir Bhutto on her 6th anniversary was revealed that astonished the media and the audience. He had beeen reading the written speech in Roman bold letters through teleprompter that was kept on dice behind her mother's big picture. All the people and media was taking his speech as original in urdu and etempore but he resd from teleprompter that was running slowly and he was reding that for an hour. It is a fact that he can neither speak or reasd and write urdu. His clerrer 'Teachers' had arranged all this for him and to impress the audience and the media in and outside the country. A so-called immature politician who cheated the people on first day of his entry into poilitics how would he deal and lead the nation if eldcted as prime minister? Whar would be the fate of that nation which is alresady in miserasble condition.

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