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Monday, December 16, 2013

Punjab University VC's Administration Is Involved In Immoral Activities

According to the female students of the Punjab University, Vice -Chacellor Punjab University Kamran Mujahid and his adminitration is involved in supplying girls. Girls are taken to KFC and are picked up from there to the destinations. Though it is unbelivable, here may be a strong lobby working against the VC but fair enquiry is necessary to bring the facts. Othrerwise, a sacred educational insitution is being defamed. But prior to strting investigation present VC may be removed and charge may be given temorarily to any senir officer till the enquiruy is complete. Then decision be take in the light of the investigation report. It is better to conduct judicial enquiry because the allegations are too serious and the persons involved in negative activities may be punished to teach lessons to others.

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