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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Will Unveil The Secrets In Special Court---Musharraf

Parvez Musharraf has also finalized his strategy of opening Pandora Box, after the written orders of interior secretary to special court for hearing the case regarding article 6 against Parvez Musharraf. Former president Parvez Musharraf said he will open many such secrets in the special court that are known to nobody and the people of Pakistan must know those secrets. He said if treason case was hesard in the special court that will be the most important case of Pakistan's history. Musharraf said two name will come to light by such references that will stun the people. He said we will make the case start from October 1999 and it will not limit it only article 6 A but we will get article 6 B included too. Supreme court has constitued a three-member bench under the chairmanship of Justice Faisal Arab that will hear treason case again Musharraf. The interir secretary in his letter while directing the DG FIA for submission of report of investigation of the allegations of treason against Musharraf, has nominated only Musharraf for violating the constitution in November 2007. The letter also carried the empowerement of FIA to investigate FIA act section 3 A too. On other side according to close companions of former president Musharraf, he is ready also and keeping himself out of the reach of media has directed his team of lawyers to start the case fron 1999 and include the names of all army officers, members parliament and judges who were consulted by him and were equally involved in all his acts. If Musharraf is called to appear in the court then the persons involved will also have to be called by the court to appear to defend themselves. In addition it has also been decided by former president to focus on asrticle 6 B terming it important and all those supporting, helping and giving suggestion are equally accused in the treason case. In the refeence of the case Musharraf said this was Nawz Sharif's stance because he had preparee charge sheet but court will not follow his charge sheet because when the case willgo to court he said his hands are not tied as Nawaz Sharif has focused him but his focus will be all those personalities who supported him and he said he will open all the secrets. The council of Parvez Musharraf Ahmad Raza Qasuri said this case will take a very long duration. He said the law for federal government Akram Sheikh is the lawyer of civil laws while attorney general know only corporate laws they both do not have criminal laws experience. Raza Qauri said attorney general will have to srgue in the court about the case and court will decide whether this case is hearable or not. Qasuri said the case will unveil many covered faces of supicious people who were fully involved in all Musharraf's acts. he said Pandora box is ready to open that will show the faces of all the parliamentarians, judges and army personnels who were consulted by Musharraf. It seems that the treason case against Musharraf will never go longer he will given bail and will be alloweed to leave the country. Parliamentarians, judges and army would never desire to come to light. Let us wait ans see which way the wind blows.

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