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Monday, December 30, 2013

Pak Army As Well as As Saudi Arabia And UAE All Are Worried About me

Former president parvez Musharraf said whatever he did during his reign he did with the consultation of army and emergy was imposed due to fear of terrorism. He said at present too army will be on my back. I would beg for my motheer I can take care of her mjyself. He said the involvement of prfime minister and former chief justice in the constitution of tribunal provoes that it is only revenge. He sa8id I do not want any emsesty but justice. If I am sentenced I would nevver beg emsety or flee from copuntry in any case. It is regretttable that a soldier who has fought wars to defend country hsas been involved i treason case by revegeful persons. He said the ministers of PML also took oath in 2008. He said government talks about article 6 but other two sections of the article shoild also be observed.Former president said Iftekhar Chaudhary used to interrupt in executive matters and thus hindered the government affairs. He said he was very much disappointed about gen retd Kiani who did not stand by me. Kiani was te psart of all the affairs taking place sat the time.

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