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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yemeni Citizen Put Condition Of One Million "Likes" On Facebook Post To His Son-in-Law To Be

In the city of Taaz a Yemeni citizen Salim Ayash has put a strange condition to his future son-in-law to show one million 'likes' on his facebook post within one month for the marriage of his daughter to him. He said it is a sort of "Haq e Mehr" (a money given to or promised to be given to wife at Nikah). Salim said his to be son-in-law Osama will have to get one million likes in one month, otherwise he may cancel the wedding of his daughter to him. He said he will examine his performance after a month and will decide whether he can be given more time or to end the matter for good. Salim is also active on social media himself too. He also want to see the performance of his son-law-law to be so that he may decide in this rgard.

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