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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gay Relationship Is Illegal--Indian Supreme Court

Indian supreme court has issued its verdict on the issue of gayism, and declared it illegal under Indian panel code. It also termed the decision og Delhi high court as mistake to exclude this gay marriages from crime category. Indian SC has urged government to rethink about the decision of high court. Delhi high court had issued a decision in 2009 and had said that under the section 377 of Indian panel code, this was the violation of personal freedom which is basic right of every citizen. Under this section gay relation is a crime and defaullter could be jailed for ten yeasrs. However, the decision of Delhi high court was challenged by Muslim, Hindu and Cgritian religious organizations saying that it was a crime and it should be treated as crime as it is under section 377. Nearly all the welfare organizations in India are against homosexuality. While, limited number of human right activists favor gay marriages terming it a fact which should be accepted.

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