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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

AamAdmi Party Will Form Delhi Government With The Alliance Of Congress Party

Fighting against the corruption the chief of "AamAdmi Party" Arund Gujrewal has said that he will head the Delhi government forming alliance with congress. He said their party had decided to form government after the favor of his supporter' s refrendum. He said that he will request the governor for the invitation of forming government. Outgoing chief minister of Delhi Sheela Dixit has said that Aam admi party had made such promises with the people that are impossible to be fulfilled. She said that the support of congress to Aamadmi party is not unconditional. Meanwhile, the leader of BJP Harshodharn has sdaid that Aamadmi party has made big slogans to fight against corruption but it has made understanding for power. Aamadmi party got 28 seats and remained second after BJP alliance, while 36 seats are neede to form the government. Observers as well as rival parties are keen to know how this part will fulfill its promises of reducing electricity charges by 50 percent and provide 700 liters of water to each family in New Delhi. However, still within one year of its establishment its marvellous success is no less than a miracle.

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