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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pakistan And Israel Will Tie Friendly Relations Within Three Years--- Indian Astologer

Born in Indian city Ahmadabad on July 11, 1931 Bejan Daruwala is among the most famous astrologers of the world. Serving for several years as English lecturer in Ahmadabad Baijen Daruwala has been ranked among the top 100 astrologers of the past 1000 years by the American publisher Harpar Collins in his book "Millinium Book Of Prophesy". His prophesies about death of sanjay Gandhi, success of Indian nationlist party BJP, Kargil War,horrible earth quake in 2001 in Indian state Gujrat, coming in power of Iranian moderate president Hassan Rohani and about the success of Aboma in 2008 elections became true. He is fan of cricket and his favorite cricket player are Rahul, Sachhan Tendulkar.He admits Wasim Akram and Imran Khan as great cricketers.Acknowledge his services in the field of astronomy he has been awarded several national and international prizes. These include "Jyotish Mahahopadhaya Award" from "Federation of Indian Atrologers", award of honarary doctorate degree in "leadership" from a Phillipine university, "Russian Society of Cosmic Hailer" of "Cosmo -Energy Center" awarded "Best Astrologer of 2013", similarly, Russian Society of Atrologers awarded with best adstologer award. He is a poet and his three poetic books have been published. His weekly prophecies are being published in famous Indian English paper "The Times of India" and a Hindi paper "Devyabhaskar" for the last 15 years. In his interview with Pakistani journalist in Karachi, he said the seed of Pak-India friendship will be seede during 2014. He said Nawaz Sharif will complete his five year tenure of government this time. While there are no chances of dictatorship in Pakistan. He said January, April and October months are not good for the world. He said the Chancellor of Germany Angeela Mirkal is an economic pandit, she can improve the economy of the world if she does so. Daruwala said Mirakal will organize the economy of the woorld in the days to come. He proohised that during 2014, terrorism in the world will get decreased and 2014 is better year for the world interms of natural disasters. His astonishing prophesy is that scientists will invent a new device that will turn any attack toward the attacker back may that be of bomb blast or shooting. It will kill the attacker himself instead of the target. About Iran USA relations he said they will be better in 2014. He said Pakistan and Israel will shake hands within three years and will be friends. About Kashmir issue he said it seems to be resolved soon. He said China had beaten India in the past in India-China war and it is the super power of the future. He said the situation in the Middle East will also get better. Replying to a question about the future of new rising party aam admi party (Common man party), Daruwala said he did nit think about it yet,however, he said the dynasty of Gandhi family is going to end within next five years and the future of Pakistan will be in hands of Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan while in India BJP's Vajpai will rule the country. Both have the same fate due to same date of birth the 25th of December. He said my prophecy about Ana Hazaray was right that he will shake many people. Daruwala is not a boastful person, he admits that his several prophecies proved to be wrong. He said I am a humabn being not a God and can commit mistake. While he said Allah knows every thing about future. He appreciates Islamfor unity and kindness.

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