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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bo Berek Proves She is Still A "10" No Matter How Old She Is

The blond beauty turned heads on the red carpet on Monday night in Munich at MGM HD Channel party. At 56, the actress literally was glowing in cream trousers, a white blouse and a beaded necklace. Though was not sporting the braids that framed her sensational face in '10', her beach scene in that movie has been memorable since film was released inb 1979-- not only for her smokin' hot bod but also for her long beaded braids.

We Spent Ten Million Rupees And Used 16 Vehicles And 10 Motor Bikes To Attack Central Jail D I Khan (KPK)---TTP

Tehreek Taliban Pakistan who asccepted the responsibility of attacking central jail Dera Ismail Khan (D I KHAN) in KPK said we spent six months to train the fightes that included 18 special commondos. Rupees 10 million were spent on the operation. We used 16 vehicles and 10 motor cycles all loaded with explosives and guns. Our 150 mujahideen took part in the activity. We successfully completed the operation a one hour and got released our more than 100 companions. Our all friends have reached North Waziristan agency. There was no one to block our way. We performed operation with out any fear. The above statement was issued by bthe spkeperwson of Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan. The actual situation was also not different from their statement. When at 1030 Pm at night terrorists enterd the city no security official was there to ask them, otherwise police men stop poor people riding on moto cycles. They parked explosive loaded vehicle on their rearand around jail boundary to save their back front. They blated the main gate of the jail while other two gates were opened by the jail staff themselves and made their operation easier. Jail security official were relaxing and could find time to react that meanwhile the attackers breaking the jail walls swiftly reached to barracks. Some continued fighting with security forces while others managed to flee with their wanted prisoners. The most wanted rerrorists who were released by the attackers include Abdul Hakeem, Abdur Rahman, Abdul Rasheed, Waleed Akbar and Umar Khitab. They also killed the death sentencee Akhtar Hussain, Sajid and Juma Khan. When after four hours fighting the security forces officials entered the jail, the attackers were already fled successfully. Thery could only capture the weapons, vehicles, bombs and rockets that they left delibrately because they did not need them after their successful activity. The also set to fire the 150 years old records of the jail. The bravo police officials in the adjescent police lines kept silent during the attack of the terrorists. In these circumstances it was difficult for Pak army to provide help to Civil security system. All this activity means that terrorists have no fear to attack any sensitive spot any where in the country and security system is incapable of blockiong their way.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Website Editor Sentenced To Seven Years Prison And 600 Lashes In Saudi Arabia

The editor of a Saudi Arabian social website, Raif Badawi has been sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes for founding an Internet forum that violates Islamic values and propagates liberal thoughts, rteported Saudi media. Badawi, who started " Free Saudi Liberals" website to discuss role of religion in Saudi Arabia, has been held since June 2012, on chasrges of cyber crimes and disobeying his father---a crime in the Kingdom. Al Watan newspaper said the judge has also ordered the closure of the website. Badawi website included articles that were critical of senior religious figures like Grand Mufti. It was also said in December that Badawi faced a possible death sentence after a judge cited him for apostay but, AlWatan said judge dropped the apostay charges. Apostasy, an act of changing religious affiliation carries an automatic death sentence in SDaudi Arabia. along with other crimes includimg blsasphemy. Badawi's wife denied her husband had expressed repentance before the judge on Monday in Jedda. The judge asked Raif, " Are you a Muslim" and he said yes, and "I do not accept anyoine to cast doubt on my belief" she wrote on Twitter.

Mathira Defended Her Condom Ad In TV Program

The condom ad which was banned on TV die to sacred month of Ramazan was thorougly discussed in the TV program of a private channel. Mathira boldly defended the ad discussing with anchor persons Nida Yasir And Mani. The ad would have not much clear but would have been in hidden words but the Mathira in her answers to the women in the prgram said those things which ad did not say. Astonishingly in the program all were women who werre laughing and enjoying the bold talks. The looked like it was being telecast from some European TV not the Pakistanii one. Where is the PEMRA? that banned the asd why not to ban this nude program.?

POETRY= Hayat-e- Gumgashta (Lost Life)-- Hayat(life) Gumgashta(lost)----1

Dearest Readers! I thank you all who have read and are reasding my blog post in 136 countries and 100 languages of the world. I am a poet too and poert can help reading or wrting the poetry for audiences. I am sorry thaty my inpage is not working, so, I can not write it in Urdu that can be translated easly by google. However, this long poetry (Nazm) has been published in Urdu language on the website However, this I also want to share with my blog readers. I will write it in Roman English that can be read and understood easily by the Urdu speaking people all over the world, especially in Pakistan and India. I do not know whether it can be translated in US English or not. This is a long biography type poetry (Nazm) of two chodren who passes their childhood in a typical Pakistani village. so, it would be written in different installments(episodes), to write/ send other posts for my readers other than Urdu speaking.I will translate some verses where it will be possible because the poetry specially when translated to another language looses charm of original language. Thank you all. Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir Hayat-e-Gumgashta----1 Yadein kuch beetay lamhoon ki (memories of some past moments) kia tujh ko bhi yad atein hein ( do you remember too) kia tujh ko bhi tarpatein hein ( do they burn you) Masoom say khel larakpan kay ( those innocent plays of childhood) Aur Sundat khawab jawani kay ( And the beautiful dreams for being young) Kia tujh jo bhi yad atay hein (do you remember too) Woh Dhool Urati galyoon mein ( those streets full of dust) Woh gaoon ki Pagdanduon par ( on up and down pathways of village) Un Onchay neechay rastoon par (same) Jo bhagay dauray phirtay thay ( those kids who used to run on those up and down pathways) Aur khaetoon mein Khalyanoon mein ( and those chldren in the green crop fields) Jo nangay Paoon Phirtasy thay ( Those kids who used to walk bare footed) Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka tha ( among those one was girl and other was boy) Kia yad tujhay bhi atay hein ( do you remember) Dear readers! I have tried to translate but may not be too good (To be Continued)

Arabian Countries Are Seriously Planning To FaceThe Furure Food Crisis

Many countries, especially the Islamic world will have to face severe challenge of food crisis in near future. However, Arabian countries are seriously making efforts in this regard. They are planning to make artificial cvlouds for rains or blocking the way of spreading deserts by growing the walls of green trees. In addition planning for growing crops in the dry regions. According to latest figures, at present, 41 % of thelands in the world are desertys or rain-fed. The population of this dry belt is 2 billion. It is feared that due to climatic changes internatioinal food crisis may occur. Qatar is on top among the countries that have greater challenge to deal with the crisis. This is a tiny country situated in Pershian Gulf that has five times smaller than the smallest district Chaghi of Pakistan (Chaghi is in Baluchistan province and is the place where experiment of atom bomb was conducted, in the hills). There is no lake or river. Annual preicipitation is only 7.4 mm. The person who is planning to make Qatar self-suufient in agricultural commodities specially in cereals, is (+)Fahd Bin Alatya. His efforts are to minimize the 90 % import of cereals to 50 % during next 12 years. The planning Fahd is doing to reengineer the weather conditions of Qatar, To install the desalination plants, Green houses should be spread on miles of areas es instead of on acres and to raise the status of farmers through social revolutrion. Thirty billion dollars budget has been allocated for this purpose. Fahd will have to convince Qatris that self-suffiency in foods is essential for national security. His thisargument becomed more strong when a year ago Saudi Arab, that isd the main exporter of food items to Qatar had stopped export of poultry, potastoes and onions. Fahd says that at that time we, being the richest state of the world could not purchase rice even. Fahd has the full support of crown prince (+)Tamem bin Hammad Alsani. Under Prince's support , Fahd and his team is trying to get modern and most laterst. technology. Fahd Bib Alatya says we more farmsand green gouses. But where do we get water from? For this we want to desalinate sea water. But whee from the energy for this will come? He added for this we can not endanger the world with the risk of increase in global by using additional fuel. Thge only solution for the energy is solar energy, and we all willhave to work together. Rally Fahd is thinking intelligently.

Trrorists' Attack On Central Jail Dera Ismail Khan (KPK)-- An Obvious Security Lapse

When the district jail Bannu was attacked last year by terrorists, why authorities did not pay attention to the appropriate security of the central jail Dera Ismail Khan(DI Khan), where more than 300 high profile terrorists were jailed. It is also reported that auhorities had information about the attack. The attack began nearly at 11 PM and nearly 150 attackers came in 14 vehicles full of hand grenades, latest arms, exposives, and rocket lauchers. They planted boms at different places already i.e. Town hall, Misgran gate and other sites and also parked vehicles with explosives and hand grenades on different places to use it at the time of fleeing or at time of fighting with security forces. The terrorists are more organised and well planned than security forces, especially police. The central jail built during British rule has 6-7 feet wide outer boundary but the intruders managed to enter in the jail and nealy blasted 50-60 bombs. The jail is surrounded by important buildings like police lines, private Rahmania hospital, district women's hospital, distrct headquarter hospital then houses of politicians. courts, and boys college. The jail should have been rebuilt outside the city. Because now houses and buildings have been damaged. Curfew has been imposed in D I Khan and Tank distrcits. All the incoming and out going traffic has been stopped. Nearly 5000 prisoners are jailed in the central jail. According to Defunct Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, they have taken out more 300 members of their group. Five female prisoners along with one lady police constable are missing. Nearly 13 people have been killed includinmg five security officials and several have been wounded. Only two terrorists have been killed and others successfully flerd from the scence. Who is responsible for this destrcution and damage to property and lives?

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Rising Food Crisis In The Islamic World

The food crisis is encircling several countries of the world, while remaining countries are also in danger of the crisis in future. Accoprding to a foreign report, the countries that are more endangered with the food crisis are the countries of Islamic world. This is because of weaker planning for the future and increasing rate of population compared to other countries. Many countries that are facing the food crisis are situated in desertous and rainfed regions. These countries receive minimum precipitation and where there is no underground water. Among them include Arabian and African countries. Situated in Persian Gulf, Qatar is one of these countries where scarcity of water and food are the important issues. For this problem the Qatrian rulers and the experts are much worried about. Qatar is a smaller staste but it fully realizes the non-suuficiency of food. Qatar is planning future strategy in this regard. Other Islamic countries include Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain UAE, Sudan and Moreetania where severe food crisis eems ahead.

Katrina Is Happy At 'Bikini Leak' Pictures With Ranbir

Pictures send out a clear message that Katrina and Ranbir are together. After romancing in the sand sea of Spain the waves came crashing down for Bollywood couple Kastrina and Ranbir when pictures of them frolicing on beach were released by magazine in India. But both the stars are not in the country to brave the storm from local media. They are spending 'quality time' in Sri Lanka. However, Katrina is more than happy when bikini picture went public. She is of the view that truth is finally out in the open. The truth that she wished to scream at the top of her voice while media went gaga about Ranbir and ex-flame Deepika Padukone's bond after "Ye Jawani Hae Deewani". Instead of fuming about privacy breach Katrina actually does not mind it at all. The pictures actually send out a clear message to all the concerned parties ( Salman, Deepika, Kapoor family and media). Thus strategically leaked pictures of them partying together at various places, holidaying and information about their whereabouts kept reaching the media intermittently. So the leak of these pictures is a blessing in disguise for the couple. The entire battle is won in one single stroke. While in the beach Ranbir looks fit with his bare torso and turquoise trousers, Katrina is sloppy in her not-so-sexy red and white bikini (that is a bikini).

Lady Gaga'a Photo For ARTPOP

Lady Gaga is continueing to push the envelpo in anticipation of her forthcoming ARTPOP album release and that involves whole of Lady Gaga nude. Not that we are suprised or that her legion of Little Monster id compalining. In her latest effort Lady Gaga poses nude on computer equipment.. obviously check her out in blacxk booties, fututistic glasses, whiskers and a brown wig. Mother Monster captioned the photo on her official sire "Tech Haus". What that means, who can really say at this point. All we know is that with a new single dropping and her performing in the VMA in August, and ARTPOP coming in November, Gaga is back in the HAUS.

Pitts' Precious Gift For Angellina

The Hollywood super star couple of Brad Pitt and Angellima Jolie has become an example for lovers in the showbiz. Recently, Pitt has fifted a unique gift of jet plane to his fiancee Jolie. He has also gotten licence of piloting jet plane in 2004. The purpose of the precious gift is to minimize the difference of distance between the two, during their busy schedule of shootings. Brad pitt is busy in the shooting of a movie about World War II in London, while Angelina is shooting a film in American state Hawai. Talking to a magizine, Pitt said Angelina is fond of travelling in jet plane over the sea. While by plane she can meet me any time any where and we can both travel together in the plane. The couple is going to tie knot soon.

Extortionists Are Active In Islamabad And Rawalpindi In The Name Of Taliban

In Federal capital Islamabad and Rawalpindi extortionists are getting money from businessmen and even from politicians in the name of Taliban. Till now 100 persons have given billions of rupees to them. More than one billion rupees received from plaza and petrol pump owners, businessmen have been transferred to Dubai and Jedda through Hundi( personal guarantee). The extortionists have demanded Rs 50 billion from Haji Gulzar Awan the head of Pakistan Amn party who has lodged a FIR against them. According to informed sources a secret report has been sent from secretbranch of police to Punjab government in which it has been disclosed that a mafia is active in the twin cities that is threatening the rich businessmen to pat extotyion money otherwise they will be killed. They demanded RS 3 million from Haji Faraz the owner of Glass Factory in Kabari Market Pindi and on the non payment of the money he was killed. Then they threaten the killed Faraz's heirs who paid the money. Similarly, extortionists got Rs 3 million from Deedan Gul of glass factory area dealing in auto spare parts business, Rs 5 million from Sabz Ali Khan of Chattri Chauk Pindi, dealing charcoal business, Rs 40 million from Nadir Ali Khan owner of PSO petrol pump near Kohnoor Mills, Rs 2 million from Sher Zamin of Chah Sultan Rawalpindi. dealing in spare parts of old vehicle business, Rs 5 million and Rs 7 million from Haji Ghani and Shams ur Rahman of Chak Shahzad, respectively, dealing in bricks making, Rs 5 million from Zar Muhammad and Taj Wali, who deal in spare parts business, Rs 5 million from Salim Khan, who deals in Charcoal business, and have taken Rs 5 million from Haji Amir owner of plaza in Sadiq Abad Rawalpindi. The extortionists demanded Rs 100 million from a hotel owner Muhammad Hanif in Murree and on the denial hand grenades were thrown on his house, the report further adds that Rs 60 were received from the owner of famous shopping mall of Islamabad. Extotyion monety has been demanded from several owners of plazas on Bank Road Rawalpindi. One thing seems astonishing, most of the victim names look like they are Pushto speaking belonging to KPK or might be Afghanis. Why? Who the extotyionists be? Onlt two of the affectees have lodged reports and other victims kept silent due to fear and threats.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Shirtless Salman Has Been Photographed With Alleged Girlfriend, Lulia Venture

While pictures of Salman Khan's ex-flame Katrina Kaif with actor Ranbhir Kapoor in the beaches of Spain are making waves, there is another picture that has caught everyone's imagination. Till now there was no image to prove anything between the Romanian actress and Salman but now a pixelasted picture of the two has set the tongues wagging. It is speculated that the picture was taken during the shoot of mental in Hyderabad. Some reports also suggest thast they were not shooting but having a small picnic. A shapeless Salman is seen shirtless wearing only shorts whereas Lulia sported a bright yellow Being Human tee and shorts. Extinguished bonfire and some kitchen utensiuls are seen in the picture. Salman is often spotted with Lulia at a suburban five star and also reportedly searching a house for her. There were also rumours of the two planning to tie the knot. But Salman's father denied the rumours. Some pictures from lulia has also emerged in Indian media which Salman feels is undugnified and breaching the Romanian's private life. Rumours about Salman Khan private life continue to enrage him. The actor, believed to be seeing Romanian beauty, isd apparently seething at the way she has become fodder for the gossip in media. It is suggested for Salman khan to come out clean about the affair(if at all), or else the papparazi will hound them down just like they exposed Katrina and Ranbhir's denial.

D J Khaled Put His Heart Online-- All In The Name Of Nickie Minaj

D J Khaled is putting his heart online-- all in the name of Nickie Minaj!. While at MTV news on Thursday, July 25, the 37-year-old recorded a special video message to the "super Bass" singer confessing his major crush on her. "Nickie Minaj! I am at MTV, I am going to be honest with you, I love you, I like you, I want You, I want you to be mine," he said in the video. " Only reason I am not telling you this face to face is because I understand that you are busy." He continued," I feel like you need a man like me in your life... we got the same symptoms, we are both suffering from success. If you gotta take your time and think it, I understand, but I know I have to be here today to ley you know how I am serious about you and how serious this is to me." This hip hop star finished the video with a very public, if not the romantic, proposal," Nickie Minaj! Will you marry me! he asked, flashing a reported $ 500,000 10-carat ring for the singer. While, Nickie Minaj, 30, has not responded to the proposal yet, Khaled told US Weekly exclusively at a screening of Magic City for frind that he was 100 % serious in the video. "I want to marry her, I was serious in the video, he told the US adding that he hopes to hear from the former American Idol judge soon" She can take her time and think about it.At least she knows how I feel now". On July 26, Khaled posted a screenshot via instagram of Minaj from his " Take it to the head" video and captioned the pic" Beautiful". Khaled's upcoming new album, Suffering from Success" is due at the end of September. Nickie Minaj! Khaled hass open his heart, Please respond to his rquest of love and marriage positively. Do not break the heart of a sincere "Lover" God Luck for both. Want to see you engaged in next week or so and the engagenment ring flashing in your finger.

Bloody Clashes Between Army And Morsi Supporters Continued In Egypt

Clashes between supporters and opposed to Morsi continue in Egypt. Army fired to disperse the protesters to break the one month sit-in of Mosi's supporters(Ekhwa nu Muslameen). More than 120 people killed and 1500 injured. Roads are filled with bloods. Clashes also started in Alexandria. Security forces used trear gas, shortgun pellets and bullets all were used against the protesters. Meanwhile, two leading figures who backed the army's removal of Morsi on July 03, have condemned the Satureday's killings. The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar mosque- the highest Sunni Muslim authority in Egypt has called for investigation, while the vice-president of the interim government Muhammad El Albradei said, excessive force had been used. Satureday's clashes which began before dawn and carried on for several hours were the most serious bout of violence since Muhammad Morsi was ousted. Medics at nearby field hospital told the BBC they believeds about 70 % of the casualitiesc were caused by the live fire-- with many of the victims hit in chest or head by the snippers firing from the rooftops. Doctor Hashem Ibrahim said they were mostly killed by bullet wounds, especialy by snippers hit in the head. We have seen nearly cut throats like animals. Mr Morsi, Egypt's first democrastically elected president has been formally remanded in custody at an undisclosed location for an intial 15- day period, according to a judicial order on Friday. The order was the first official statement on Mr Morsi's legal status since he was overthrown. My Egyptian Muslim Brothers! Still it is the time to get united and solve your issued and conflicts with negociations, otherwise hard time is still to come. Your selfish leasders are playing in the hands of the USA and you, the simple people are plsaying in the hands of your leaders. Pleae allow thge democratically elected government to rule the country and wait for the next elections. Othrwise military will take over everything and there will be no Muslim government in Egypt in future. The USA puppets will come and rule Egypt. You are great nastion! We Pakistanis respect you and your rich culture! please be aware of foreign Devil(Satanic) powers.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Little Winnie Cooper From "The Wonder Years" Is Not So Little Anymore

Danica McKeller is now 38-years old and looking sexier than ever. The actress was spotted on the set of Avril Lavigne's new music video for her single "Rock N Roll" in Palmdale Thursday in an unexpected ensemble. McKeller sported orange pumps, blue fishnets, red metallic shorts and a cropped top and denium jacket, giving as whole new meaning to the term"hot mess"-- especially when it comes to her abs! But McKeller is a smart woman. With her degree in Math, we are sure this is a calculated move. It seemed that outrageous costumes were the themes for this music video because newly wed Lavigne sported a unigue ensemble as well! With huge boots, a short camouflage miniskirt, a forest green bustier, and a helmet, her look was really all over the place.. and not in a good way. But even though their get ups might have been little crazy Lavigne and McKeller seemed to embrace their looks and enjoyed spending time together on set. The "Wonder Year " star even posted Vine video showing off her new look and also Tweeted about the experience," Just had the best time shooting @Avril Lavinge's new video and she is so sweet and fun! Made me feel like a rockstar.

The Mrs Carter Show Has Been Filled With Many Memorable Moments

Beyonce has honoured Trayvon Martin with a moment osf silence-- she had been her butt slabbed-- she gor her hair stuck in a fan--and never missed a note. But other night may have been the tour's most romantic moment, as Beyonce was thanking her fans and giving her singer backup prop when a certain someone raced from backstage, planted a kiss on the artist and then scurried back as the crowd went insane. Yes! Boys! It is Jay Z!!! The quick, cute incident takes place around the one-minute mark.

Burqa Avenger-- Pakistani Answer To Wonder And Super Girl

A Pakistan private TV channel is telecasting a cartoon series based on the story of female chool teacher. The series is an answer to deal with the elements closing and burning of girl schools in Pakistan. Though , it is not a real female like Malala but a burqa clad heroine of the cartoon series. This will be the first Pakistani animated series. Pop singer Hasroon Ur Rasheed is the founder of the series shot in Urdu language. Three students belonging to town of "Halwa Pur" fight with the magician "Baba Banduq" with the help of pen and book. The corrupt politician "Wadera Pajero" is the villain of the series and burqa clad heroine is Jea who learnt Judo and Karate from her father Kabaddi Jan. She uses Burqa for hiding her identity. Haroon Rasheed told that every episode of the series will be based on some moral story that willo provide the kids some lessons along with giving them best of recreation. The series contains jokes, laughs, action and adventures.

Indian Army Mistook Jupiter And Venus Planets As Chinese Spy Drones

Atomic power and equipped with latest arms, weapons and technology Indian "brave and intelligent" army reportedly spent six months watching "Chinese Spy Drones" violating its air space, while these were planets Jupiter and Venus. Indian army is so scared of Chinese army that it has lost thinking mentally and take every star in the sky as Chinese drone, how would poor army will defend its nation when China actually attacked India. Tension have been high in the disputed Himalayan border area between the two nations in recent years, with India frequently accusing its neighbor of incursions on to its territory. Things came to a head during a Stand-Off in April when Chinese troops wre accused of erecting a camp on the Indian side of the de facto boundary known as the Line of Actual Control (LoAC). By that stage Indian had already documented 329 sightings of unidentified objects over a take in the border region, bnetween last August and February, according to the Calcutta-based Telegraph. It quotes military source as saying the objects violated LAC 155 times, So, the army called the Indian Institute of Astrophysics to identify the objects. " Our task was to determine whether the unidentified objects were celestial or terrestial," astronomer Tushar Prabhu told the paper. Only once the objects'movements were noted in relation to tghe stars they were identified as planets. The Telegraph suggests the sentry ought to be forgiven, with planets appearing brighter as a result of the different atmosphere at altitude and the increased use of surveillance drones.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Nargis Fakhri Is Learning The Ways Of Industry

Nargis Fakhri, who made her debute 'Rockstar' has been more in news for her alleged affairs than work which she says is very upsetting. After the release of 'Rockstar' in 2011, Nargis did not take up any movie but is still remained in the limelight due to her alleged links-up with Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Uday Chopra and businessman Ness Wadia. Thgough she says it is upsetting, the 33-year-old has decided to take such things with a pinch of salt," The rumopurs are not true and it makes things worst. It is upsetting and unfortunate and quite sad too. I stopped reading newspapers. I fact, I started going crazy. But, I am no more sad now. I have understood that things are going to be this way here. You can not stop it. You either crey over or not>" Nargis said in an interview. Nargis feels everyone in the industry knows how thgings are. She will be seen next in Sujit Sircar's "Madrass Cafe" where she is playing the role of a journalist.

Corrupt People Like Tauqeer Became Billionaire And Made Pakistan A Begger

The people like Tauqeer Sadiq looted Pakistan exchecquer to the extent that they themselves became billionaire and left Pakistan with bowl to beg from IMF and world bank for avoiding bankrupsy. As was written in previous post, the illegal shifting of CNG stations to another location was done with fake NOC attached to the documents. The NAB report further reveals that Tauqeer Sadiq, Mansoor Muzaffar Ali and Mir Kamal Bajrani Masrri approved lowest rates regarding oil wells for Deewan Petroleum Private Limited Company and during 2007 put Rs 36 billion's additional burden on national treasury. NAB report revealed that on February 178, 2011, Tauqeer and his companions broke the records of corruption issued notification of $ 3.98 increase in the rates of one oil barrel in favor of Deewan Petroleum Company that causeed additional burden of Rs 122 billion for common people and the nation. The owner of Deewan Petroleum Company Zia Ur Rahman Farooqui fled out of the country. Tauqeer told he purchased property worth billion of rupees and the remaining money was sent by hiom to his paternal uncle Abdul Ghafoor to Canada who is Cannadian cvitizen. He has stioll three billion rupees in his 41 different accounts.

Photos Tweeted By Kate Upton Herself

All photos of Kate Upton are noteworthy, but this new addition is particularly stunning. First of all, it came from Kate's own Twitter, so you know it has got her stamp of approval. Second Just look at it! Those eyes , that smiles. The 21-year- old blonde shared the gorgeous shot of herself in a white-hot Beach Bunny Swim bikini. "Rough life @ BeachBunny Swim" she wrote. Of her tropical locale Upton said" Gorgeous view today!" Later, she added "Alright the sun is up.. Is not it time for this night shoot to be over"

Indians Have Weaker Bones Compared To Americans And Britishers

A report issued by a doctor's team has said that the bones of Indian people are weaker than Americans and Britain's due to lack of regulare exercise. The knee's surgical operations of Indians are more difficult and complicated because the size of their knees are smller, because Indians consult doctors in the last stage of the disease. Report says one blade is needed for the operation of American's knee while with this one blasde the knee operation of 4-5 Indians are done due to their weaker bones. But doctors did not tell about the brain performane and mentality of Indian while comparing bone's strength with Americans. Definetely their mind's performane in subversive and terrorists activities in the neighboring countries is far fast and better than that of Americans.

Now Wikileaks Will Be A Political Party

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange has coonstituted a political party that will participate in elections. Wikileaks shook the world with revelation of secret documents and made USA its enemy. Julian Assange who is responsible for bringing the secrets of the politicians and of different countries to light has decided himself to take part in politics. He has also released the list of his party's candidates who will contest elections and Assange himself will contest election from Victoria (Australia)for the seat of senate. Australia is Assange's home country.

Fazal Rahman's Successful Deal With Nawaz Sharif as Expected

Maulana Fazal Rahman is the politician who is always the winner in any political event. His deal with PML(N) head and prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif finalized and JUI (F) will favour Mamnoon Hussain in presidential election. He just made excuse to the PPP that it did not bring joint candidate so he refused to favor PPP for its candidate Raza Rabbani. The PML will reward JUi for the favor with giving it participation in federal cabinet and chairmanships of standing committees. PML will not remove JUI's central leader Maulana Muhammad Khan Shirani from Islamic Ideology Council also, as a gesture of goodwill (rather as a bribery). JUI(F) has 12 seats in national assembly and six seats in senate.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Am a Tough Woman--- Madhuri Dixit

If you want to know why Madhuri Dixit such an iconic place in cine buff's hearts, waatch her dance on stage. As she sways and moves to the beats of a song, she acquires a different aura altogether- one that fascinates, amazes and simply cativates the audience. Bollywood indeed is lucky to have Madhuri back for there , is not anyone quite like Madhuri Dixit. At the IIFA celebrations in Macau, Madhuri was there with her Guab Gang producer Sinha and director Sen. A hush fell across the room when she walked in, looking gorgeous in a bright pink sari. She stumbled when she walked up to the podium but quickly recovered and even managed to crack a joke about it," It is great to stumble once in a while, it gives you the strength to even rise higher." Gulab gang talks about a lot of things but primarily it is about women's empowerment. It is an all women's film and the unique aspect is that both the protogonist and the villain are women.

Tauqeer Sadiq Deposited Looted Money In 41 Accounts Of His Relatives

Arrested in the corruption charges of billions of rupees former chairman OGRA, deposited the looted national money in different cities of the country in 41 different accounts in the names of his relatives. While the accused appointed illegally 7 advocated on OGRA panel who were paid more than Rs 10.70 million within two years. Former chairman OGRa appointed 26 officers out of way in OGRA, including his nephew Javed Jamil, who was appointed staff officer to chairman. There is no record of Jamil's written test for the post. Former prime minister Gilani in corruption case got appointed officials by such officers of prime minister secretriate who were not authorised to do so regarding amendments in OGRA laws. All these revelations were made in a report issued by National Accountabilty Bureau (NAB). Informed sources told that Tauqeer deposited the money in different banks in the accounts of his relatives including, Tanveer Sadiq, Sarmad Tanweer, Taufeeq Mahmood Sadiq, Muhammad Tahir Awan, Salim Kashmiri, Waseem Sadiq and many others. Credit cards were also got issued in the names of these account holders. The accounts holders also sons and brothers. It was disclosed about the Sadiq's companion involved in corruption case member gas OGRA Masoor Muzzafar Ali, during NAB's investigation that with corruption money during 1982 and 2011, Mansoor purchased 28 houses and plots in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Sahiwal, Serai Kharbooza, police foundation and Jinnah Garden and some of them were sold and others were purchased. Mansoor's property includes, in Islamabad, House # 842 sector I-10/1, House # 427 sector I-10/1, Flat # 11 Victory Tower F-8 Masrkaz, 10 marla plot in Sector E-11, Two plot of one kanal anf half kanal in Jinnah Garden, House #s 34 in street # 52 in sector F-11/3, 66 kanals (more than 8 acres) land in village Katana, plot in Mahfooz Town Lahore and many others. Former prime minister Gilani using his powers illegally directed joint secretary PM secretriate to issue orders for allowing shifting of CNG stations to another place inspite of ban/ restrictions. All this was done with the consultation of Tauqeer Sadiq, vice chasrman OGRA Syed Hadi Husnain, Dr Muhammad Ilyas former member finance, and Mir Kamal Bajrani Marri. (continued)

NewbornRoyal Baby Has Been Named

Family tradition hasbeen maimtained and newborn baby son of Kat and Wil has been named Geoge Elexender Loi. Prince has already been shifted to palace after showing his glimpses to the world through media. Majority of the British people thought that royal couple will name royal baby George or James and that becvame fact.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Amanda Bynes Has Been Hospitalized For Psychiatric Evaluation

Amanda Bynes' tumultuous off-screen life has taken another ssd turn, as the onetime child star has been hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation after allegedly setting a fire in Las aNgeles suburb. The Ventura County Sherrif's Department has confirmed that," Bynes was involved in a disturbance at residential area" about an hour outside Las Angeles. "deputies responded and held her on 5150 welfare and institutions code ( Involuntary psychiatric hold) and she has been taken for mental evaluation. Psychiatric hold can last for 72 hours. ( Briteney Spears was also infamously put under one in Kanuary 2008) The Ventura County Fire Department responded to a 911 call at 8:38 PM Monday, and Bynes was taken into custody after she ws accused of a blaze in the driveway of Bonnie Braaten, 73. The man from the fire department told, she was whacked! acting all strange. Fortunately Braaton's driveway suffered minimal damage, while it supposedly can be fixed with little cement cleaner, Braaton thinks Bynes should repair the damage herself. This is not the first btime Bynes has undergone psychiatric evaluation. On May 23, Amanda was arrested for throwing a bong out of the window of her 36th floor apartment in NYC. She was tasken to Roosevelt Hospital to undergo psychiatric evaluation before a Midtown police station to be processed.

Chennai Express Will Be Released On August 09

Shah Rukh Khan's "Chennai Express" is plying a day late. The spicy film that was planed to be released on August 8 will now be released a day later on August 09. According to sources this film was to be released on the eve of Eid ul Fitr that will be on August 09. Depika Padakone has played a central role with Shah Rukh Khan in the movie.

Kat And William Debute Newborn Son

New parents Kate Middleton and William debuted the Royal Baby, posing outside the hospital door with the young one. One day after his birth, the as-yet-unnamed Prince of CAmbridge made his global debute the Lindo Wing of Saint Mary's Hospital in London. Kate Middleton and Prince William, both, 31, smiled for hundres of cameras and cheering well-wishers while offering the first glimpse of their little one.