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Sunday, July 28, 2013

D J Khaled Put His Heart Online-- All In The Name Of Nickie Minaj

D J Khaled is putting his heart online-- all in the name of Nickie Minaj!. While at MTV news on Thursday, July 25, the 37-year-old recorded a special video message to the "super Bass" singer confessing his major crush on her. "Nickie Minaj! I am at MTV, I am going to be honest with you, I love you, I like you, I want You, I want you to be mine," he said in the video. " Only reason I am not telling you this face to face is because I understand that you are busy." He continued," I feel like you need a man like me in your life... we got the same symptoms, we are both suffering from success. If you gotta take your time and think it, I understand, but I know I have to be here today to ley you know how I am serious about you and how serious this is to me." This hip hop star finished the video with a very public, if not the romantic, proposal," Nickie Minaj! Will you marry me! he asked, flashing a reported $ 500,000 10-carat ring for the singer. While, Nickie Minaj, 30, has not responded to the proposal yet, Khaled told US Weekly exclusively at a screening of Magic City for frind that he was 100 % serious in the video. "I want to marry her, I was serious in the video, he told the US adding that he hopes to hear from the former American Idol judge soon" She can take her time and think about it.At least she knows how I feel now". On July 26, Khaled posted a screenshot via instagram of Minaj from his " Take it to the head" video and captioned the pic" Beautiful". Khaled's upcoming new album, Suffering from Success" is due at the end of September. Nickie Minaj! Khaled hass open his heart, Please respond to his rquest of love and marriage positively. Do not break the heart of a sincere "Lover" God Luck for both. Want to see you engaged in next week or so and the engagenment ring flashing in your finger.

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