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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Women Of Which Nationality Commit More Crimes In UAE?

Crimes by weomen within the jurisdiction of Bur Dubai poice station rose about 14 % from 2,867 in 2011 to 3,281 in 2012 in the following year, according to Clo Ali Ghanim, director of the police station. Shoplifting, alcohol and drug abuse, prostitution and attempted sduicides were some of the main crimers women wre involved in, said Col Ghasnim. Pjillipino women topped the list of crimes with 1,030 cases during 2012, followed by Emirates (384), Indians (285), Pakistanis (185), Iranians (111), Britons (105), Egyptians (95), Labanese (87), Jordanians (71) and Morroccans women (69) during the same year. The figures for 2011 were as follows:- Phillipinos (927), Emirates (318), Indians(270, Iranians(101), Britons (97), Morroccans (89), Egyptians (86), Pakistanis (81), Labanese (71) and Jordanian women committed 63 crimes during the year. Col Ghinam said sometimes women criminals have mail accomplices, especially for selling stolen goods. Women sometimes worked together with men accomplices in cases of fraud. He sdaid sometimes women in "niqab" were found to be behind the shoplifting from a number of malls. Though the 'niqab' masde their identification difficult, surveillance cameras tracked the culprits to theirt cars whose numbers were noted, Their vehicle was followed to their house, which was raided later and stolen goods recovered. Women are also involved in some murder, violence and in cases beating other women in the UAE.

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