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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trrorists' Attack On Central Jail Dera Ismail Khan (KPK)-- An Obvious Security Lapse

When the district jail Bannu was attacked last year by terrorists, why authorities did not pay attention to the appropriate security of the central jail Dera Ismail Khan(DI Khan), where more than 300 high profile terrorists were jailed. It is also reported that auhorities had information about the attack. The attack began nearly at 11 PM and nearly 150 attackers came in 14 vehicles full of hand grenades, latest arms, exposives, and rocket lauchers. They planted boms at different places already i.e. Town hall, Misgran gate and other sites and also parked vehicles with explosives and hand grenades on different places to use it at the time of fleeing or at time of fighting with security forces. The terrorists are more organised and well planned than security forces, especially police. The central jail built during British rule has 6-7 feet wide outer boundary but the intruders managed to enter in the jail and nealy blasted 50-60 bombs. The jail is surrounded by important buildings like police lines, private Rahmania hospital, district women's hospital, distrct headquarter hospital then houses of politicians. courts, and boys college. The jail should have been rebuilt outside the city. Because now houses and buildings have been damaged. Curfew has been imposed in D I Khan and Tank distrcits. All the incoming and out going traffic has been stopped. Nearly 5000 prisoners are jailed in the central jail. According to Defunct Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, they have taken out more 300 members of their group. Five female prisoners along with one lady police constable are missing. Nearly 13 people have been killed includinmg five security officials and several have been wounded. Only two terrorists have been killed and others successfully flerd from the scence. Who is responsible for this destrcution and damage to property and lives?

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