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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Am a Tough Woman--- Madhuri Dixit

If you want to know why Madhuri Dixit such an iconic place in cine buff's hearts, waatch her dance on stage. As she sways and moves to the beats of a song, she acquires a different aura altogether- one that fascinates, amazes and simply cativates the audience. Bollywood indeed is lucky to have Madhuri back for there , is not anyone quite like Madhuri Dixit. At the IIFA celebrations in Macau, Madhuri was there with her Guab Gang producer Sinha and director Sen. A hush fell across the room when she walked in, looking gorgeous in a bright pink sari. She stumbled when she walked up to the podium but quickly recovered and even managed to crack a joke about it," It is great to stumble once in a while, it gives you the strength to even rise higher." Gulab gang talks about a lot of things but primarily it is about women's empowerment. It is an all women's film and the unique aspect is that both the protogonist and the villain are women.

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