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Monday, July 8, 2013

Tired Of His Aunt's Behavoiur Toward Party Affairs Bilawal Is Leaving For USA

Continued interruption of Faryal Talpur's in distributing party tickets for by-election and deciding party affairs, bilawal Bhutto has tyhreratened to leave Pakistan and party office bearers have threatened not to coopperate with Faryal in the party matters. The members of local party organizations met Zardari and brieferd him about their reservations, Zardari asked them to give him some time to talk to Adi (Elder Sister. This was not due to Farya;s interruption or Bilawal's leadership that resulted in the worst performance of PPP but the basd governance, paying no attention to the problems of the people, corruption so many other reasons that gave badd results of PPP in the elections. Now whether Bilawal leads the party or Zardari PPP can never come to pwer. Bilawal has no potentials to commond PPP. So party can not regain its status of several years back. Common people and even old party workers also are fed up of PPP. This party hasno motto other than filling their foreign bank accounts with the National money.

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