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Saturday, July 20, 2013

News And Views---6

*-- National:-- *-- Government of Pakistan has written letter to election commission for changing the date of presidential election. According to government, the MNAs and MPAs will be either performing Umra in Mekka or will be sitting in Aetekaaf( Sitting for 10 days in mosque during after 20 th of Ramazan). But election commission rejected government's request saying that under clause 4 of article 41 of the constitution, election for president office will have to be held by August 08. Actually, government have little time to have deal with the members as usual, because most of them are out on excursion tours per their routine. *-- Prime minster wants to go for performing Umra on 27th of Ramazan along with hisfamily members. *-- The head of death squade of defunct Lashkar e Jhanghvi Masoom Bala has been arrested. He has been involved in planning of different terrorist's activities in various cities. He has alsp provided information about the attack on Justice Baqir. *-- PML(N) has short listed the names of Sartaj Aziz, Mamnoon Hussain, Mehtab Abbasi, Jhagra, Ghaus Ali Shah and Saeed uz Zaman for the candidacy of presidential electipon. *-- Terrorists have threatened to attack multinational companies, educational institutions and other NGOs that have eithr coeducation, or have mixed staff of males and females working in the offices. They have threatened to split males and females otherwise all these institutions will be attacked. *-- The religious scholars in Karak(KPK) have banned women going for shopping to markets without accompanying "Mahram" ( A males with whom women can not tie knot as son, brother, father,or maternal and paternal uncles). * International:-- *-- Saudi Arabias has banned Jews to travel by Saudi Airlines passenger planes (Alsaudia). On other side the USA has threatened Saudia to wave off the ban, otherrwise the Saudi's pasenger planes will not be allowed to land on any American airport. *-- The USa is cosidering to hit the military targets in Syria with misiles. *-- Actress Meera has approached CCPO Lahore and filed an application against the people who have occupied the plaza belonging to his brother Ahsan in money market Gulbeg Lahore. *-- Show Biz:-- *-- Veena Malik has announced not to put on bikinis and other short dresses in films. She said I have used bikinis so many times in the film thast I do not have ant fear of putting it on. But it is just an announcement, an actress like Veena who worships money will never fulfill her promise and will carry on putting short dresses and bikinis, because she can not live with out being naked. *-- Amaszing and Interesting:-- *-- Mars had earth like environment some four billion yeasrsago. *-- An American bride has set his bridal dress on fire just for adventure and have photoshoot. *-- The fasstest druimmer of the world. He beats 1208 times in a minute. Twenty-three year drummer Tom Grost belongs to Canada. His name has been recoderded in theGuinesse Book of World record.

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