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Friday, July 19, 2013

A Couple Sets Record Of Marrying 106 Times In Three Decades

It is rightly said that marriage is such a sweet that who ate it "regretted" and who did not eat it also "regrets". But thee is found a couple who set a world record of saying" I do" or "I accept" for tying knot. A couple belonging to American state Tennese has set a record of tying knot for 106 times in three decades. David and Laurine Blair started married life in 1984 for the first time. They liked tying knot so much that they dtermined to set a record of tying knot and they fulfilled it by marryng in London, Scotland, New York and Les Vegas including other severalk cities. Not only this but thos couple had an intersting wish to tying knot on uniques dates that they did by marrying on 01-01-01 and 02-02-02. Congrat! David and Laurine on setting unique rcord of marrying and for your long-lasting love.

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