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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Arabian Countries Are Seriously Planning To FaceThe Furure Food Crisis

Many countries, especially the Islamic world will have to face severe challenge of food crisis in near future. However, Arabian countries are seriously making efforts in this regard. They are planning to make artificial cvlouds for rains or blocking the way of spreading deserts by growing the walls of green trees. In addition planning for growing crops in the dry regions. According to latest figures, at present, 41 % of thelands in the world are desertys or rain-fed. The population of this dry belt is 2 billion. It is feared that due to climatic changes internatioinal food crisis may occur. Qatar is on top among the countries that have greater challenge to deal with the crisis. This is a tiny country situated in Pershian Gulf that has five times smaller than the smallest district Chaghi of Pakistan (Chaghi is in Baluchistan province and is the place where experiment of atom bomb was conducted, in the hills). There is no lake or river. Annual preicipitation is only 7.4 mm. The person who is planning to make Qatar self-suufient in agricultural commodities specially in cereals, is (+)Fahd Bin Alatya. His efforts are to minimize the 90 % import of cereals to 50 % during next 12 years. The planning Fahd is doing to reengineer the weather conditions of Qatar, To install the desalination plants, Green houses should be spread on miles of areas es instead of on acres and to raise the status of farmers through social revolutrion. Thirty billion dollars budget has been allocated for this purpose. Fahd will have to convince Qatris that self-suffiency in foods is essential for national security. His thisargument becomed more strong when a year ago Saudi Arab, that isd the main exporter of food items to Qatar had stopped export of poultry, potastoes and onions. Fahd says that at that time we, being the richest state of the world could not purchase rice even. Fahd has the full support of crown prince (+)Tamem bin Hammad Alsani. Under Prince's support , Fahd and his team is trying to get modern and most laterst. technology. Fahd Bib Alatya says we more farmsand green gouses. But where do we get water from? For this we want to desalinate sea water. But whee from the energy for this will come? He added for this we can not endanger the world with the risk of increase in global by using additional fuel. Thge only solution for the energy is solar energy, and we all willhave to work together. Rally Fahd is thinking intelligently.

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