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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shameful Stories In The Adjescent Streets Of Tehrir Square In Cairo

In ther Tehrir Sqwuatre of Cairo where millions of people were protesting against Morsi's government from June 30 to July 02, there in the adjescent streets during these 4 nights, there some people and culprits were taking the advantage of lawlwssness and sexually abusing dozens of women from age 17 to 50. Astonishingly, there was world media present at Tehrir Square but none of them reported the news of sexual violence and abuse of wmen. It seems that the agenda of the western media was to report the ousting of Morsi they had no concern to convey to the world the brutalities of bad elements of the government opposed mass. Was not it the violation of human rights and specially of women for whom western press beats the drum all the time about inhuman treatment with women in Islamic countries. Then why the news of these inhuman treatment was not highlighted in the international media. Millionsof protesters against Muhammad Morsi were at the Tehrir Square, the sexual violence, the beating and other brutal acts with the women in the streets around Tehrir square unveiled the face of Egyptian society as well as the it revealed the specofic agenda of western countries about Muslim countries. Human Rights Watch reported horrible stories during the sits ins in Tehrir Square against Morsi government from June 30 to July 02. According to the report "Egypt: Epidemic of Sexual Violenc by HRW, 90 women were sexually abused. The young groups of peolpe attacked the women in the streets, pushed the males and relatives aside and encicled the females and abused them. Volunteers tried to save the women from violence but the mob attacked the volunteers. Ther group leader of Volunteers AhmadAz witnessed on the night of June 30, the abuse incidents at 12women including two foreigners. Most of the violence on women incidents took place between Mahmood Crossing and entrances of the nearby streets. All these happened in the presence of world media, TV channels and representatives of the news agency but no news appeared on any international news channel. Why? Due to a planned agenda of the international powers to oust Morsi and block the way of Islamic government to the power. Oppnents of Morsi were backed by the western countries that never like Muslim government in any Islamic country.

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