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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Little Winnie Cooper From "The Wonder Years" Is Not So Little Anymore

Danica McKeller is now 38-years old and looking sexier than ever. The actress was spotted on the set of Avril Lavigne's new music video for her single "Rock N Roll" in Palmdale Thursday in an unexpected ensemble. McKeller sported orange pumps, blue fishnets, red metallic shorts and a cropped top and denium jacket, giving as whole new meaning to the term"hot mess"-- especially when it comes to her abs! But McKeller is a smart woman. With her degree in Math, we are sure this is a calculated move. It seemed that outrageous costumes were the themes for this music video because newly wed Lavigne sported a unigue ensemble as well! With huge boots, a short camouflage miniskirt, a forest green bustier, and a helmet, her look was really all over the place.. and not in a good way. But even though their get ups might have been little crazy Lavigne and McKeller seemed to embrace their looks and enjoyed spending time together on set. The "Wonder Year " star even posted Vine video showing off her new look and also Tweeted about the experience," Just had the best time shooting @Avril Lavinge's new video and she is so sweet and fun! Made me feel like a rockstar.

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