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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Coalition With Goverment Is For Islamic Identity--- Fazal Rahman

Long Live my woderful intelligent politician of Pakistan. You bring the newest and the most unque ideas to the forefront that no politician of Pakistan can conceive of. This is your new slogan that you had kept hidden and never disclosed it even when you were a coalition partner of PPP government. Was your coalition with PPP for Islamic ideology that Islam which PPP was following? Woh! PPP and Islam? Now you took turn to PML (N) government and its Islamic idealogy that it is preaching for? It will think over spreading Islamic Idealogy if got rid of power crisis. That it will never at least during its five year tenure power crisis does not seem to be solved so it will never get time for Islamic idealogy and you have the excuse for it that PML did not get time and will do the necessary job in next tenure that you will be the part of. But about Taliban who does not like the way PML (N) is working for Islamic idealogy? Theyt have threatened the international institutions to split their male and female staff and the educational institutions to stop coeducation? Who is on the "Srate Mustaqeem" ( RIGHT PATH)? You Maulna or Tasliban? P;aese first discuss with Taliban and then decide. I hope your positive comments about PML (N) will bestowe you the chairmanship of Kashmir Commiitte that you like much. Good Luck Maulna Fazal Rahman and my leader of my home town constuency.

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