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Monday, July 29, 2013

Katrina Is Happy At 'Bikini Leak' Pictures With Ranbir

Pictures send out a clear message that Katrina and Ranbir are together. After romancing in the sand sea of Spain the waves came crashing down for Bollywood couple Kastrina and Ranbir when pictures of them frolicing on beach were released by magazine in India. But both the stars are not in the country to brave the storm from local media. They are spending 'quality time' in Sri Lanka. However, Katrina is more than happy when bikini picture went public. She is of the view that truth is finally out in the open. The truth that she wished to scream at the top of her voice while media went gaga about Ranbir and ex-flame Deepika Padukone's bond after "Ye Jawani Hae Deewani". Instead of fuming about privacy breach Katrina actually does not mind it at all. The pictures actually send out a clear message to all the concerned parties ( Salman, Deepika, Kapoor family and media). Thus strategically leaked pictures of them partying together at various places, holidaying and information about their whereabouts kept reaching the media intermittently. So the leak of these pictures is a blessing in disguise for the couple. The entire battle is won in one single stroke. While in the beach Ranbir looks fit with his bare torso and turquoise trousers, Katrina is sloppy in her not-so-sexy red and white bikini (that is a bikini).

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