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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pakistan Is 60 Percent More Corrupt Than Other Countries Of The World---- TI

The organoization monitoring corruption in the world, The Transparency Interrnational claims that Pakistan has 50 % more corruption compared to other countries of the world. In the research report of Global Corruption Barometer, Transparency International said that police department is the most corrupt department, followed by civil institutions, political parties, parliamentarians, health, judiciary, education and private sectors have corruption too. It is claimed in the report that corruption existed in military, media and religious institutions but its level is a bit lower than that in other imstitutions. On the eve of releasing the report the official of TI Adil Gilani said 72 % of the people inm Pakistan think that corruption had increased in Pakistan. Analyzing the global situation TI claimed that the highest level of corruption was found in the department of police then follows judiciary, registration, land, health, education. tax, and the departtment providing electricity, gas and water, respectively. When people wre asked about the situation of corruption 69 % of the p[eople said they weere ready to buy items on two-fold prices if no corruption prevailed.

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