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Monday, July 29, 2013

Pitts' Precious Gift For Angellina

The Hollywood super star couple of Brad Pitt and Angellima Jolie has become an example for lovers in the showbiz. Recently, Pitt has fifted a unique gift of jet plane to his fiancee Jolie. He has also gotten licence of piloting jet plane in 2004. The purpose of the precious gift is to minimize the difference of distance between the two, during their busy schedule of shootings. Brad pitt is busy in the shooting of a movie about World War II in London, while Angelina is shooting a film in American state Hawai. Talking to a magizine, Pitt said Angelina is fond of travelling in jet plane over the sea. While by plane she can meet me any time any where and we can both travel together in the plane. The couple is going to tie knot soon.

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