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Monday, July 8, 2013

Love With Atif Aslam At The Peak Of My Career Was A Great Mistake--- Nirma

Alas! I had not loverd Atif Aslam during the peak of my film carrer. Film actress could not forget her love with Atif. Nirma said she was in deep love with Atif but did not i,magine that he would suddenly change. I adopted a careful aptitude during my love with Atif, therefore my love did not come in the media. Saving Atif'sd fame i had kept my love hidden from the world and that was my serious mistake. I used to share my love stories with a famous dress designer, who usually said you are committing a great mistake. I came to know the affairs of Atif but when he denied all these i believed him. When i came to know that Atif was marrying someone else I was shocked and remained mentally depressed for a longer time and this was the reason that I kept away from media. Nirma said she thought several times to commit suicide but it was a cowardly act so she threw away this negative thinking, and decided to face the situation. SAtif ASslam is still riding the nerves of Nirma, when a Canadian producer contacted her foras role in the film she immediately suggested to cast Atif as a hero in the film. But the secrtetary of Atif Aslam said film actresses use the names of famous film stars for gaining cheaper fame, and he said there was no reality in the stories told by Nirma.

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