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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Sri Lanka A Woman Is Raped Every 90-Minutes

According to a woman's rights organisation, a woman is raped every 90-minutes in Sri Lanka. Island ranks fifth in domestic violence. She said murders, frauds, and corruption as well as crimes against women are escalating in the country. Sexual violence and targetting women and children has increased mani-fold. This wave of crime started with the muders of women at Kahawatta. Recently, a female teacher was forced to knee down in front of her students and other staff members. Dpmestic violence hass also iuncreased from 60 % in 2011 to 80 % in 2013. Ninety percent of the women who use public transport have suffered abuse. She said a social environment has been created where the dignity of women is compromised. Such a situation exists due to the political and economic conditions in the country. Privileged politicians are directly invo;verd in these crimes.

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