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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

European Union Will Not Cooperate Financially With Israel For New Settlements

European Uninion has announced to stop its financial assistance to all those Israeli institutions that are involved in new Jews settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. A spokesperson of EU in TelAviv said that Israel had no right to carry out new constructions in the areas of Golan Heights, Gaza Strip, West Bank and Eastern Baitul Maqdas. He said the institutions involved in the construction work do not deserve financial assistance. Eu spokesman said European countries will have to implement the guidelines fron 2014. According to the spokesperson EU does not consider the territories of Palestine that were occupied by Israel during 1967 war, the part of Israel. And settlement in these areas are the main hinderances in way of peace process in the Middle East. Palestinian leaders have welcomes the announcement of EU. Palesdtinian leader Hanan Ashravi said the announcement of EU will help in ushering the new era in the region and Israel must know that it will have to give the account of its occupation of Paletinian terrotories.

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