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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fazal Rahman's Successful Deal With Nawaz Sharif as Expected

Maulana Fazal Rahman is the politician who is always the winner in any political event. His deal with PML(N) head and prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif finalized and JUI (F) will favour Mamnoon Hussain in presidential election. He just made excuse to the PPP that it did not bring joint candidate so he refused to favor PPP for its candidate Raza Rabbani. The PML will reward JUi for the favor with giving it participation in federal cabinet and chairmanships of standing committees. PML will not remove JUI's central leader Maulana Muhammad Khan Shirani from Islamic Ideology Council also, as a gesture of goodwill (rather as a bribery). JUI(F) has 12 seats in national assembly and six seats in senate.

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