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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tauqeer Sadiq Has Discloseed The Names Of Influential Personalities Involved In Corruption With Him

Tauqeer Sadiq has revealed the names of important personalities who were involved in the OGRA corruption scam and the arrst of some important people is expectyed today. The names of influential peopler have been included inthe ECL list and five teams have been constituted to raid and arrest them. The alleged persons include sdeveral beuracrates and former ministers. The amount of money digested has reached to Rs.150 billion. Tauqeer Sadiq was brought to Pakistan from Abu Dhabi by private airlines and was presented in the court that has given 14 days physical remand of Tauqeer. Many dark faces will be unveiled in the enquiryt if Tauqeer Sadiq is not killed. Because the big crocodiles never leave any proof of their corruption.

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