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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We Spent Ten Million Rupees And Used 16 Vehicles And 10 Motor Bikes To Attack Central Jail D I Khan (KPK)---TTP

Tehreek Taliban Pakistan who asccepted the responsibility of attacking central jail Dera Ismail Khan (D I KHAN) in KPK said we spent six months to train the fightes that included 18 special commondos. Rupees 10 million were spent on the operation. We used 16 vehicles and 10 motor cycles all loaded with explosives and guns. Our 150 mujahideen took part in the activity. We successfully completed the operation a one hour and got released our more than 100 companions. Our all friends have reached North Waziristan agency. There was no one to block our way. We performed operation with out any fear. The above statement was issued by bthe spkeperwson of Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan. The actual situation was also not different from their statement. When at 1030 Pm at night terrorists enterd the city no security official was there to ask them, otherwise police men stop poor people riding on moto cycles. They parked explosive loaded vehicle on their rearand around jail boundary to save their back front. They blated the main gate of the jail while other two gates were opened by the jail staff themselves and made their operation easier. Jail security official were relaxing and could find time to react that meanwhile the attackers breaking the jail walls swiftly reached to barracks. Some continued fighting with security forces while others managed to flee with their wanted prisoners. The most wanted rerrorists who were released by the attackers include Abdul Hakeem, Abdur Rahman, Abdul Rasheed, Waleed Akbar and Umar Khitab. They also killed the death sentencee Akhtar Hussain, Sajid and Juma Khan. When after four hours fighting the security forces officials entered the jail, the attackers were already fled successfully. Thery could only capture the weapons, vehicles, bombs and rockets that they left delibrately because they did not need them after their successful activity. The also set to fire the 150 years old records of the jail. The bravo police officials in the adjescent police lines kept silent during the attack of the terrorists. In these circumstances it was difficult for Pak army to provide help to Civil security system. All this activity means that terrorists have no fear to attack any sensitive spot any where in the country and security system is incapable of blockiong their way.

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