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Friday, July 12, 2013

We Are Investigating Money Laundering And Threatning Speeches Of Altaf Hussain--- London Police

London police have started investigation of Altaf's money laudering and provocative speeches. In a BBC's documentary program it was to;d that 0.4 million pounds were found in Altaf Hussain's office and home during raids on December 06, 2012 and June 18, 2013, respectively. In the "news night" the starting video clip showed the threatening speech of Altaf Hussain in which he was saying," We are preparing bags for your dead bodies". About which Farooq Sattar who was participating in the program said that head of MQM was joking. Farooq Sattar said that MQM head never talked about tearing the bellies or about bags and added that MQM was never involved in money laundering issues. He said the Brtish Boradcasting corporation's documentary was under the influence of pro-Taliban extremist elements. Police said that the inverstigation about the huge amount seized from Altaf home was carried out what was the source of the money and how did it reach to this place. The advocate Naseem Ali Bajwa from London said that Altaf's speech comes clearly and possibly "under terrorist crime" category. He said that the threat to use power for political reasons or to influence the government can be implemented on Altaf's speech. In the BBC's report the letter written to British prime minister Tony Blair in September 2002 was confirmed in which head MQM had offered to provide secret information to PM about Taliban. The letter has been continously denied by the British government and MQM. As usual MQM is termimg all the allegations as international conspiracy against MQM. It is also expected that if Altaf Hussain is deported from Britain, India will be his next destination. But it is conditional to get cleared from all the allegations.

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