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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

PML(N) Has Nominated Mamnoon Hussain As Its Presidential Candidate

Mamnoon Hussain has been nominated as presidential candidated by ruling party PML. He will submit his nomination papers for the office today. Mamnoon Hussain said he has been informed by the PML for his nimination. He said the mood of the massed had been expressed in the general election. He said if given the chance, he will serve the mmasses. He said president should not involve in party politics, while the PPP president hadd been practicing party politics so the result of the general elections was against the PPP. PML(N) also filed an application in the supreme court to hold presidential election on July on July 30. They maintained the stance in the application that August 06 is the 27th of Ramazan so more than 30 parliamentarians will proceed to Umra to Makka and some will be sitting in Aetekaf (Muslims sitting in mosque or in lonely place for prays during last 10 days of Ramazan). Election commission has already rejected the request of PML for changing the date of presidential elections.

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