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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Burqa Avenger-- Pakistani Answer To Wonder And Super Girl

A Pakistan private TV channel is telecasting a cartoon series based on the story of female chool teacher. The series is an answer to deal with the elements closing and burning of girl schools in Pakistan. Though , it is not a real female like Malala but a burqa clad heroine of the cartoon series. This will be the first Pakistani animated series. Pop singer Hasroon Ur Rasheed is the founder of the series shot in Urdu language. Three students belonging to town of "Halwa Pur" fight with the magician "Baba Banduq" with the help of pen and book. The corrupt politician "Wadera Pajero" is the villain of the series and burqa clad heroine is Jea who learnt Judo and Karate from her father Kabaddi Jan. She uses Burqa for hiding her identity. Haroon Rasheed told that every episode of the series will be based on some moral story that willo provide the kids some lessons along with giving them best of recreation. The series contains jokes, laughs, action and adventures.

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