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Friday, July 19, 2013

Indian Wife Does Not Want To Leave Pakistani Ill Husband In Dibai ICU

Muhammad Sahir, 52, is a bedridden Pakistani bus driver undergoing treatment at Intensive Care Unit of Al Rashid Hospital Dubai. His wife Shanu Muhammad ,48, an Indian national from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, anxiously awaits outside the ICU, waiting for her husband of two decades to recover. The bus driver is suffering frrom multiple ailments, and stopped talking two months ago. The mixed-national couple are running low on money and do not wish to return to either of their countries as that would mean splitting, as the wife would not get Pakistani visa and the husband would not get Indian visa. No this is not the script of Bollywood blockbuster, but a real-life heart-breaking story unfolding in Dubai. Muhammad's brother Jani came all the way from Punjab. Psakistan to see his sick brother and to take him to his home country for further treatment, but refused to return to Psakistan, that would mean leaving his life-partner his wife from who can not go to Pakistan with out a valid visa. Jis wife said I love him so much i do not want to leave him alone. We do not have money and every day Dh 3,100 are needed for his treatment because he is chronically ill. There is no geographical limits for love. But visa restrictions can not allow them to live togetherin either of their home countries.

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