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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bloody Clashes Between Army And Morsi Supporters Continued In Egypt

Clashes between supporters and opposed to Morsi continue in Egypt. Army fired to disperse the protesters to break the one month sit-in of Mosi's supporters(Ekhwa nu Muslameen). More than 120 people killed and 1500 injured. Roads are filled with bloods. Clashes also started in Alexandria. Security forces used trear gas, shortgun pellets and bullets all were used against the protesters. Meanwhile, two leading figures who backed the army's removal of Morsi on July 03, have condemned the Satureday's killings. The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar mosque- the highest Sunni Muslim authority in Egypt has called for investigation, while the vice-president of the interim government Muhammad El Albradei said, excessive force had been used. Satureday's clashes which began before dawn and carried on for several hours were the most serious bout of violence since Muhammad Morsi was ousted. Medics at nearby field hospital told the BBC they believeds about 70 % of the casualitiesc were caused by the live fire-- with many of the victims hit in chest or head by the snippers firing from the rooftops. Doctor Hashem Ibrahim said they were mostly killed by bullet wounds, especialy by snippers hit in the head. We have seen nearly cut throats like animals. Mr Morsi, Egypt's first democrastically elected president has been formally remanded in custody at an undisclosed location for an intial 15- day period, according to a judicial order on Friday. The order was the first official statement on Mr Morsi's legal status since he was overthrown. My Egyptian Muslim Brothers! Still it is the time to get united and solve your issued and conflicts with negociations, otherwise hard time is still to come. Your selfish leasders are playing in the hands of the USA and you, the simple people are plsaying in the hands of your leaders. Pleae allow thge democratically elected government to rule the country and wait for the next elections. Othrwise military will take over everything and there will be no Muslim government in Egypt in future. The USA puppets will come and rule Egypt. You are great nastion! We Pakistanis respect you and your rich culture! please be aware of foreign Devil(Satanic) powers.

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