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Friday, July 12, 2013

Veterinay Doctor Sana Accused MPA Arif Sandhaila Of Violation

Member Punjab Assembly of PML(N) Arif Sandhaila hit the veterinary Doctor Sana Jabeen with mobile phone when he was not provided free medicines for his pet animals, in Sheikhupura veterinary hospital. After the telecasting of the news through media admimistration pressurised Arif Sandhaila for recocialation. After the incident doctor Sana talking to media said hospital issues chit for Rs two to each person bringing his animals for treatment. But the MPA never paiid the meagre money and hospital and the hospital staff provided free medicines always to him. Dr Sana siad as she has no influence thesefore she could do nothing against MPA. Today when we could not provide him the medicines he used abusing language ana mal-treated myself and the staff. She said Arif Sandhaila has more than 70 animal and she has been been proving him the medicines out of her own pay and today when she regretted to give medicines he became his enemy. Dr Sana attempted to set herself on fire but jounalists saved her. She also accused Arif Sandhaila of keeping eye on her in bad sense. DCO Shekhupura has conditioned any activity against MPA with the written complaint from Dr Sana. On other side EDO anbd asdministration pressurized Sana for reconcialation. MPA denied the allegations and said she came to me cancellation of her transfer orders when he did not do so she accused him of baseless allegations.

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