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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Iran Is Near To Make Atom Bomb, We Can Attack It---- Israeli PM

Israeli prime minister Natin Yahou has threatened that Iran was near to mak e atom bomb and we can attack it before the USA do it to eliminate its nuclear program. Israeli ptime minister said Iran had 190 kilo gram enriched uranium while 250 kilos are needed for making atom bomb. He said in an interview to American TV channel CBS that Iranian newly elected president Hassan Roghani is very dangerous person, he wanted to continue nuclear program. But he will not be allowed to do so. Natin said if Iran continued with the nuclear program, military action will be the only real alternative to stop it. He said we are more nearer to Iran than the USA so we are in more danger, Therefore we will have to take actio before USA took any step. He said we will not allow the supply of arms to Hizbullah and other groups by Iran.

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