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Monday, July 29, 2013

Extortionists Are Active In Islamabad And Rawalpindi In The Name Of Taliban

In Federal capital Islamabad and Rawalpindi extortionists are getting money from businessmen and even from politicians in the name of Taliban. Till now 100 persons have given billions of rupees to them. More than one billion rupees received from plaza and petrol pump owners, businessmen have been transferred to Dubai and Jedda through Hundi( personal guarantee). The extortionists have demanded Rs 50 billion from Haji Gulzar Awan the head of Pakistan Amn party who has lodged a FIR against them. According to informed sources a secret report has been sent from secretbranch of police to Punjab government in which it has been disclosed that a mafia is active in the twin cities that is threatening the rich businessmen to pat extotyion money otherwise they will be killed. They demanded RS 3 million from Haji Faraz the owner of Glass Factory in Kabari Market Pindi and on the non payment of the money he was killed. Then they threaten the killed Faraz's heirs who paid the money. Similarly, extortionists got Rs 3 million from Deedan Gul of glass factory area dealing in auto spare parts business, Rs 5 million from Sabz Ali Khan of Chattri Chauk Pindi, dealing charcoal business, Rs 40 million from Nadir Ali Khan owner of PSO petrol pump near Kohnoor Mills, Rs 2 million from Sher Zamin of Chah Sultan Rawalpindi. dealing in spare parts of old vehicle business, Rs 5 million and Rs 7 million from Haji Ghani and Shams ur Rahman of Chak Shahzad, respectively, dealing in bricks making, Rs 5 million from Zar Muhammad and Taj Wali, who deal in spare parts business, Rs 5 million from Salim Khan, who deals in Charcoal business, and have taken Rs 5 million from Haji Amir owner of plaza in Sadiq Abad Rawalpindi. The extortionists demanded Rs 100 million from a hotel owner Muhammad Hanif in Murree and on the denial hand grenades were thrown on his house, the report further adds that Rs 60 were received from the owner of famous shopping mall of Islamabad. Extotyion monety has been demanded from several owners of plazas on Bank Road Rawalpindi. One thing seems astonishing, most of the victim names look like they are Pushto speaking belonging to KPK or might be Afghanis. Why? Who the extotyionists be? Onlt two of the affectees have lodged reports and other victims kept silent due to fear and threats.

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