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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mandy Moore Could Not Get A TVShow?

Mandy Moore is still looking for her match. Not in her love life- she is happily married to singer Ryan Adams for four years. Rather, she has been looking for a right TV show to star in but she could find yet. Moore tried twice during this spring's pilot cycler to land a new series for 2013' fall season. She was pulled out of ABC's 'Pulling' a comedy about hapless 30-something women and replaced by Kristen Schaal. Then she joined Ben McKenzie in CBS's legal drama "The Advocates". But neither show got picked up as a series. "You win some and you lose some, and you just have to get back up to bat again'" She told Zap2It. "That is what I am looking for, the next sort of special thing that will continue to push me as an actor-- hopefully with great people to work with, you jusy keep on keep on, I guess." Moore has been 'keeping on' for a few years now, in addition to this year's two failed pilots, she has seen two other ABC comedies " Miss Most Likely" and "Us and Them" (not the FOX vesion) fizzle out befoire they made it on air. "You know I am a firm believer in 'everything for a reason' and although didappointments sorts of come and go, I am so proud of the pilot that I was a part of this year" she said of her latest attempt. While Moore may be striking out with live-action pilots, she has become a sought-after voice actress. She voices Mara in "Tron: The Uprising" and will also be part of Fox'snew "animation Domination High Del" block in "high School USA". Now that Moore would not be getting ready to film a new series, she has time to work on new album with Adams. Her last one was "Amanda Leigh" in 2009.

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