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Friday, July 26, 2013

Corrupt People Like Tauqeer Became Billionaire And Made Pakistan A Begger

The people like Tauqeer Sadiq looted Pakistan exchecquer to the extent that they themselves became billionaire and left Pakistan with bowl to beg from IMF and world bank for avoiding bankrupsy. As was written in previous post, the illegal shifting of CNG stations to another location was done with fake NOC attached to the documents. The NAB report further reveals that Tauqeer Sadiq, Mansoor Muzaffar Ali and Mir Kamal Bajrani Masrri approved lowest rates regarding oil wells for Deewan Petroleum Private Limited Company and during 2007 put Rs 36 billion's additional burden on national treasury. NAB report revealed that on February 178, 2011, Tauqeer and his companions broke the records of corruption issued notification of $ 3.98 increase in the rates of one oil barrel in favor of Deewan Petroleum Company that causeed additional burden of Rs 122 billion for common people and the nation. The owner of Deewan Petroleum Company Zia Ur Rahman Farooqui fled out of the country. Tauqeer told he purchased property worth billion of rupees and the remaining money was sent by hiom to his paternal uncle Abdul Ghafoor to Canada who is Cannadian cvitizen. He has stioll three billion rupees in his 41 different accounts.

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