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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

POETRY= Hayat-e- Gumgashta (Lost Life)-- Hayat(life) Gumgashta(lost)----1

Dearest Readers! I thank you all who have read and are reasding my blog post in 136 countries and 100 languages of the world. I am a poet too and poert can help reading or wrting the poetry for audiences. I am sorry thaty my inpage is not working, so, I can not write it in Urdu that can be translated easly by google. However, this long poetry (Nazm) has been published in Urdu language on the website However, this I also want to share with my blog readers. I will write it in Roman English that can be read and understood easily by the Urdu speaking people all over the world, especially in Pakistan and India. I do not know whether it can be translated in US English or not. This is a long biography type poetry (Nazm) of two chodren who passes their childhood in a typical Pakistani village. so, it would be written in different installments(episodes), to write/ send other posts for my readers other than Urdu speaking.I will translate some verses where it will be possible because the poetry specially when translated to another language looses charm of original language. Thank you all. Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir Hayat-e-Gumgashta----1 Yadein kuch beetay lamhoon ki (memories of some past moments) kia tujh ko bhi yad atein hein ( do you remember too) kia tujh ko bhi tarpatein hein ( do they burn you) Masoom say khel larakpan kay ( those innocent plays of childhood) Aur Sundat khawab jawani kay ( And the beautiful dreams for being young) Kia tujh jo bhi yad atay hein (do you remember too) Woh Dhool Urati galyoon mein ( those streets full of dust) Woh gaoon ki Pagdanduon par ( on up and down pathways of village) Un Onchay neechay rastoon par (same) Jo bhagay dauray phirtay thay ( those kids who used to run on those up and down pathways) Aur khaetoon mein Khalyanoon mein ( and those chldren in the green crop fields) Jo nangay Paoon Phirtasy thay ( Those kids who used to walk bare footed) Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka tha ( among those one was girl and other was boy) Kia yad tujhay bhi atay hein ( do you remember) Dear readers! I have tried to translate but may not be too good (To be Continued)

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