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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Slowest Reader Of The World (Completed Reading Of Book In 41 Years)

The staff of the local library in Ohio state of America was astonished when they received a parcel by mail containing a letter, a book and $299 from an anonymous reader. The sender wrote in the letter that he was too slow in reading so it took 41 years to copmplete the reading of the book. He wrote,"I had to return the book on July 17, 1972, but being a slowest reader, naturally I could not return it in time." The reader added that he did not want to return the book with out reasing it. So I got too late tro return it to the library. "I hope my laziness will be forgiven and the fine for the delayed return of the book will be accepted." The library incharge Henderson said that they were happy with the return of the book but also salute to the honesty of the reader who did not overlooked his duty and returned the book with fine though after 41 years.

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