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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Benefits Of Testosterone

From keeping your mind sharp and protecting you from injury to appearing more attractive to the opposite sex, testosterone works behind the scene to keep you on the top of your game - and live longer to enjoy all its perks. A recent study at Wayne State University pitted pairs of men against each other to win the attention of an attractive female, using a simpler seven-minute videotaped competition. Researchers discovered that those men in the study with highest T-levels were more assertive, took more control of the conversation and generally clicked better with the females. According to a new 2010 study in United Kingdom, having high testosterone is not whjat it makes men susceptible to heart health issues- it is having too little T that could be the culprit. The researchers say that low testosterone may contribute to obesity, elevated harmful blood fats, and insuline resistance- each of which is a risk factor for heart diseases.

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