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Friday, July 19, 2013

USA Agreed To Hand Over Aafia Siddique Conditioned To Exchange Of Prisoner's Agreement

A big breakthrough has occurred for thefirst time on the return of Dr Aafia Siddique. The USA has said it is ready to hand over Aafia to Pakistan , if Pakistan to sign agreement on exchange of prisoners. Aafia Siqqui can complete remaining sentence in Pakistan. The USA has shown softness for the first time on the issue of Aaafia. Task force constituted on this issue has presented its recommendations to Interior minister that how the USA offer be used in the interest of Pakistan. The ball is now in the court of Pakistan that how it can use the USA's offer. According to the sources USA has informed in written that there were only one legal ways through which Aafia can return to Pakistan, which is the singning of agreement of exchange of prisoners by Pakistan. The USA has offered Pakistan two agreements to Pakistan under which Aafia can be brought to Pakistan. One Agreement is on which Pakistan can sing and get Aafia is " European Convention on the Tranfer of Sentenced Persons", and second is," Inter-American Convention on Serving Criminal Sentences Abroad". It is not correct as people think that Pakistan is not helping Dr Aafia Siddique but officials of Pakistan Embassy in the USA visit every thtree months to see if she has any complaint or any other trouble. Pakistan had hired a team of three advocates for Rs 200 million after the start of hearing of Aafia case. But they could not defend Aafia. And she was sentenced 86 years of prison. She is in the jail in American State Texas. Meanwhile, Dr Aafia has also hired a council Tina Foster who is linked to International Justice Network and asked her to try for her return to Pakistan and coomplete her remaining sentence in Pakistan.

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