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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Aljazeera Website Blocked By Pakistan Due To Leaking Of Abbottabad Commission Report

Pakistan b;ocked Aljazeera website as it ws the first to reveal Abbottabad Commission rteport. Thereport says that the SEAL operation brought a defamation and shame for Pakistan's security agencies. Though, when army chief was informed about the operation , he ordered Pak Air force to hit the helicopters but till then it was too late. He said it was a great shock for military after the fall of Dacca in 1971. The former head of Intelligence Shuja Pasha told the commission that Pakistan had been no formal agreement for drone attacks with the USA but only verbal undestanding exists. He added that drone attacks have some benefits too but the attacks are against the soveignity of Pakistyan and violation of internationmal laws, though these are legal under American law. If Pakistan had askeed the USA on the preliminary stage to stop drone attacks ass these were killing innocent people, may be the USA would have accepted the requewst but now it is impossible. Commission has declarethe operation a war against Pakistan and attack within 100 miles of Pakistani border continuing for thgree hours was shameful for Pakistan military. Immediate response to the attack was necessary. The 336page report carries the daily activities of Osama after USA attack on Afghanistan after 2001. Report also has details about Shakeel Afridi whose release was wanted by USA but Pakistan refused to do so. Osama's widow Maryam told that Osama had several trouble of kidneys and heart but he did not visit any doctor but had been using traditional Arab meicines. Osama's wives were veiling regularly and his dauhters when reached to the age of three years started wearing veils. They even could not see males on TV. In Abbottabad Osama had no sdocial life and nor his family members could go out of home. Osama's daughter Samia told commission that he ha seen his father's dead body his face was identifiable and he was lying on flour after being killed.

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